We would like to invite you to our Polish-Dutch home in the forest in West-Poland!

Polish people are known for many things, but mainly for their hospitality. We would like to share that warm atmosphere with you!

An affordable home stay in the nature in West-Poland, only 50 km from Poznań, 220 km from Berlin and 680 km from the Netherlands.

We offer accommodation, healthy food from local farms, peaceful and secure area, a lot of sport equipment to stay busy but you can also relax in the hammock with a good book and enjoy the sounds of nature. In the evening you can watch the magnificent stars and enjoy the campfire!

Perfect area to bicycle, ride horses, have a walk in the forest and pick mushrooms!

We offer all the help we can give with planning your perfect stay!

Come and stay a night or two, a week or more!

Knipsel2             Nowa Roza nr 2

Knipsel9     Clipboard045


           We hope to see you soon!

           Do zobaczenia!

           Tot ziens!



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